Sunday, October 26, 2014

Blogger's Quilt Festival Entry 2

When I saw that there was a category for ROYGBIV quilts in the Blogger's Quilt Festival by Amy's Creative Side, I suddenly realized that I had a quilt to share. Let's call this my ROYGBIV Calendar Quilt--with Chickens! (previously unnamed, as usual.)

I think I made this quilt in the summer of 1994 (or perhaps one year earlier). The idea for the pattern is based on a series of quilts Pepper Cory made. She spent time one year making a simple block each day of the week, and then on Sunday she made one of a different design. I think she might have had 4 different quilts--one for each season. For my quilt, I decided to make a simple nine-patch for each week day, a Puss in the Corner block for Saturday and a Shoo-fly for Sunday. If you start in the upper left hand corner and read left to right you'll see the pattern--but it's purposely pretty subtle. You have to kind of look for it. 

I made my quilt with bright rainbow colors to brighten up my windowless office at work. It hung there until the year before I retired, when the local fire marshal "outlawed" fabric hangings in our building. Now that I'm retired, it hangs in a hallway in my home.

The quilt is cotton with polyester batting. I originally planned to bind it in black, but that was too strong a contrast, so I used a black with a little orange design in it (probably Halloween fabric), and it reads as a rich brown. I used the same fabric for the back. The blocks are 5 1/2 inches square, and the whole quilt is 66 3/4 inches by 28 3/4 inches. And yes, there is chicken fabric in there!
I apologize for the haphazard setting of the main picture. I rushed outside to set up for my husband to take pictures after church this morning and this was the only place there weren't shadows. There was a stiff breeze, too. Not the best for picture taking. Oh well, it is a step up from my usual "quilts with legs" pictures. (And you can see the reflection of my beautiful maple tree in the glass doors.)

So, I'm linking up with the ROYGBIV category for the festival.  If you want to see my other entry, it's here in the Art Quilt category. Now I'll sit back and enjoy everyone else's quilts. Thanks to Amy's Creative Side for setting up this festival. 

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  1. What a great way to brighten up an office or a hallway. Beautifully done.