Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Happy Holidays!

It seems that I have been taking an unintentional blogcation this month. I did take a blogcation at this time last year but wasn't planning to this year; however, life has changed my plans. The good news is that my shoulder is healed enough that I have been cleared for strength training. But along with that comes a set of more exercises in addition to the ones I'm doing to get my range-of-motion back. Who knew that I'd get more quilting done when my arm was still in a sling than now that I'm less confined? I sure didn't. But these exercises are the key to getting back (eventually) to all the things I love to do most. 

While I'm spending most of my discretionary time becoming a full-time fitness enthusiast (not!) instead of quilting, I have been doing some other things this month. I've decided to share them on Instagram with the theme of "Why I'm Not Quilting This Month." That will keep me in the habit of posting at least a little bit and will remind me that even though I'm not quilting, I'm becoming more active again. And that is definitely something to celebrate. You can see what I've been up to by clicking on the Instagram link on the right sidebar.

I do have one thing to share right now. 

I've been wanting a little Fisher Price sewing machine set ever since I saw one on Val's Quilting Studio blog. I've always kept my eye out for one when antiquing (although those adorable toys are pretty hard to find in antique stores), and from time to time I look online. I mentioned to my daughter awhile back that I was looking for one. It turns out she had already found one. She was going to give it to me at Christmas, but she gave it to me early this month instead--for HER birthday. Isn't that sweet?! It now has an honored place on my shelf with my other sewing trinkets. 

I'll leave you with some shots of a few of the ornaments I've made over the years. The wonky butterfly is a special memory. I made it 36 years ago the day I was in labor with my daughter. (No crazy clean-the-house nesting for me. It was all about getting the Christmas decorating done and feeding my creative soul.) I'm making some other ornaments right now, but I can't share them until after Christmas. 

So, here's wishing you Happy Holidays! I'll be back next year with (hopefully) more regular posts. In the meantime, I hope you are enjoying yourself whether sewing or prepping for holiday fun--or both.

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