Thursday, July 4, 2019

TBT: More Wedding Gifts

I was looking through some old quilt photos for Throwback Thursday and came across this one, and then as I was searching for some notes about it, I found a printout of an email exchange dated July 1 and July 5 of the year I made it. So, of course, 18 years later, I have to share it.
Breezy, not crooked quilt!
This is a quilt I made for my niece K and her husband C for their wedding at the end of July 2001. As you can see from the dates of the emails, I was really cutting it close. I had just finished up a school year. The emails were between my sister-in-law and me about whether a quilt was a good idea, and colors, style, etc. According to the emails, the couple had registered for a particular bedspread, and my SIL thought a blue and white wall quilt to go with it would be a good idea. The only problem was that I could not find a photo of the bedspread, so I had to just go with my gut and make something I thought they might like. I had made a quilt for myself in 1996 (you can see it here) that I enjoyed, so I decided to make something with a similar design. I still have the graph paper plan, but it's kind of a mess, so I'll spare you the sight of it. But thanks to that, I know that the quilt is about 29 by 34 inches. I had to mess with the sizes of the sashes to make the on-point squares fit as a border.

I recall that it was fun collecting the blues, although I'm embarrassed to say that there are still snippets (and even a bit of yardage) left after all these years. In fact, some of them recently found themselves in my June blue crumb and butterfly blocks for Rainbow Scrap Challenge. I can't find a photo of the back, but it is an interesting medium blue with a large navy floral design. It showed up again in this heating pad and on the back of this quilt here. Back when I made this quilt I was still hand quilting, which explains why it is a small wall quilt. If it was larger, they might still be waiting for it.) I outline quilted the geese and other patches, and then because I had centered the floral motif in the borders, I quilted around all of the flowers and leaves, which was a whole lot easier than marking and quilting something else. I do not think I finished this in time to send for the wedding (we were not able to go), but I'm pretty sure I sent it by the time they got back from their honeymoon. Here's the funny thing: they did not get the bedspread they had registered for. It was no longer available. So, they ended up designing their room around the quilt I had sent. I always wonder what that bedspread would have looked like. 

Since, I'm on the subject of wedding gift quilts, here are a couple more. I made this first one for my cousin and her husband for their wedding in September 1984. And yes, I still have snippets of some of these fabrics, too. 

This one is about 30 inches square.The Kaleidoscope blocks are 6 inches square set 3 by 3 with a wedge inner border. I still have some scribbled notes in a file. As usual, they are almost completely incomprehensible. 

You can see that I tried to carefully plan for how much fabric I needed of each color. I still do that. So, why do I always have so many scraps??

Templates! I still wasn't rotary cutting when I made this. Looks like I needed to work on my spelling skills, too.

A quilting plan.

And a more detailed quilting plan, along with more notes on cutting fabrics. As you can see, I "named" fabrics to help me keep them separate. I still do that. 

Here's the back, with one of my favorite low volume prints ever. I don't think I have any of that one left.
I'm not sure why I laid it sideways on the ground. 

And one more quilt. This one was for my niece J and her husband S in June 2003. I had made a different colorway of that quilt earlier that year for the wedding of a nephew and his wife. You can see that one here.
This one was also to match a bedspread. As with the other quilt of the same design, I have no notes. It is probably about 30 inches square. Again, hand quilted with outlining and my own vine design zigzagging in the stripped triangles and straight around the borders. I must have really enjoyed making it if I made two in one year. I'm sure it went together very fast, which was probably a factor. 

These quilts all have something in common. I wanted to make quilts for family as gifts, but I had to work within the time constraints at that time of my life. So they are all wall quilts, planned to fit the decor of the homes of the recipients. I still like to make quilts to complement decor when I can. My quilts don't have a lot of symbolism, although I do like to make them to fit the tastes of recipients. But in recent years, I like to make quilts for the cuddle quality--mostly throw quilts, and occasionally, bed quilts. I can do that because of machine quilting and a lot more flexibility in my time, and for that, I am grateful.. 

These quilts were all pieced on my Singer Featherweight, layered with polyester batting for ease of quilting, and quilted with several different fairly hefty cotton hand quilting threads. 

I'm linking up with Sandra at mmm! quilts for Throwback Thursday. Please go there and see the fun quilts from our quilty past. And add some yourself if you have them. 

Now it's time to celebrate a certain birthday. I hear there will be fireworks. My celebration will be muted this year. I love my country, but not the current state of affairs, which is a big cause for concern. 



Kaja said...

I like that you still have scraps from these quilts in your stash - tiny echos of your past quilting sneaking their way into what you make now. Enjoy your (muted) celebrations.

KaHolly said...

I’m sure your wall quilts were very much loved and appreciated, an opportunity to have a little bit of you in their homes. I made my sister one back in the nineties, and it’s always pleasurable to visit her and see it still being displayed.

Linda said...

I enjoy your notes and am still blown away not only with your hand quilting but also the fact that you had such knowledge about quilt design. I have a degree in math, and it helps me not one bit with quilt math! I'm clueless.
I love that you still have snippets of fabric. I wish I still had fabric from all of my life, although I didn't start quilting until 2010. That backing fabric that was your favorite would have been my favorite too.

Vicki in MN said...

So fun to see your older quilts, I think a lot of us have some of those older fabrics left too-I know I do! Seeing those quilts just makes us realize how much quilting has changed over the years, the patterns and colors of the fabric but also the style of quilts. Your blue one is the one that stuck out for me.

Louise said...

It's easy to see the love and care you put into each of these sweet gift quilts! My favorite part is that K&C decorated around your quilt. That's a real testament to how much they loved it :)

Jannette said...

Loved seeing all these "blasts from the past"! I was immediately drawn to the rust coloured one even though my pallette has swung more to modern colours lately...
What a great idea for quilting the blue one - using the motifs in the fabric!

Bernie Kringel said...

You are so organized with notes and pictures of soooooo many quilts. It is amazing to think of it. Have you ever counted how many individual projects you think you have made? It must be about a billion. Incredible!

Kathleen said...

Oh my - these are terrific. I am sure you have seen the Christmas QAL that Sarah is doing at Confessions of a Fabric Addict. I am wondering, do you get rid of these notes once you blog about them in TBT? I don't know if you would repeat the process or start anew - just curious.

Sandra Walker said...

I just love this blue quilt (of course I would) but for two reasons in particular: one, that you tried to match it to the bedspread that never happened, and then that they designed their d├ęcor around this quilt! and two, that you still have some snippets! Do NOT be happy because you're in good company my friend! I am the same with the careful figuring as to how much to buy and yet still have so many scraps! I think my mind goes numb when I go to purchase a fabric (or three) and I figure, oh just add a bit more, (in case) or (because I kinda like this!) Whatever, I do love scrap quilts as do you. Love the beautiful hand-quilting, as always. Thank you so much for taking the time to share this and the other wedding quilts at TBT. I agree with the sentiments on your country, (I'm especially rather partial to your state, grin!) and just hope that kindness and tolerance will win out. And not just in your country, but in my province... and elsewhere in the world where such greed and disregard for our human sisters and brothers, our very planet, abounds....

Preeti said...

Such beauty and care in each piece. I love the warm rust quilt for he September wedding. Could not be any more appropriate!!!
I am with you on the state of our country but I also believe that the hardest times bring out the best in us and expose the worst. Hang tight - this too shall pass (more for me than anyone else).