Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Hmm, I seem to have skipped a week blogging. Oh well. Not much was happening. Except...the weather! It's warmed up!. Well, enough, anyway so that we could go out walking again without a ton of outerwear. And I want you to know that I've taken down anything in and around my house that screams winter, so I expect that the weather will continue to get better for everyone. (You're welcome.) 

I've abandoned my big project for the time being. (It's still in consultation--long distance planning is kind of hard. Sigh.) So I have decided to make another little quilt. I don't usually make more than one quilt of a pattern, at least in recent years. I used to make tiny quilts, and I may have made some duplicates of those, as well as some Trip Around the World quilts. But I had so much fun making my last quilt, that I'm going to make another one. I have plenty of fabric left over, so the overall look will be similar to the first quilt. But it will be a bit wider and longer so that I can make symmetrical zigzag edges. (Okay, now that I've said that, I can't lose my nerve. I haven't done a fancy edge in many years.) And, instead of matching the triangles to make a diamond pattern, I'm going to put them together randomly. The off-white zigzag will still show, but the rest of the fabric will be even more scrappy looking. I've already cut the strips and triangles. Here's a sampling of the layout: 

For the last quilt, I used my long ruler and taped my pattern to it to cut the triangles. This time I bought a 60-degree triangle ruler. Surprisingly, it took me awhile to get comfortable cutting with it. I found myself cutting toward myself at times. Awkward. It also slipped a bit, so I taped some sandpaper to the back. That was much better. I also started out cutting the little points off at the top of the triangle. But I got impatient with that and decided to just leave them be. I'll trim as I sew. I used masking tape to make sure I kept the strips even as I cut. 

And here are the rest of the triangles ready to go on the design wall:

I think they look pretty with part of my florist pottery collection. Before you know it, this quilt will be done. But not this week. Right now I have some grandkiddie cuddling to do.

I'm linking up this week with Freemotion by the River for Linky Tuesday, Freshly Pieced for WIP Wednesday, and Sew Fresh Quilts for Let's Bee Social. 

Check back tomorrow for a little throwback breath of spring. 


Cheri the Quilting Nanny said...

visiting from freemotion linky... I love the sewing table in your top header... I wish I could find one! I think I would figure some how to make a writing desk out of it..to write all my sewing information...it'd be in my sewing room of course! I am not a fan of triangles, but together as you show....they kind of look like flying birds!

Mari said...

I love these triangles! They look fantastic. And that other project just needs some time to marinate a little. Some quilts are like that!

Anonymous said...

This is going to be pretty Jeanine. Are the grandbabies coming to you or are you traveling to them? Either way, enjoy!!

Cathy said...

I love your fabric choices! So bright and cheerful. This will be gorgeous!