Friday, February 27, 2015

Fun Friday Finish

I love when I have a finish to share, and this quilt was just so much fun! I know I will make another one (or more). I don't usually say that. I rarely repeat a pattern. If you've been following along with this project, you'll know that I had some indecision about how to finish the edges. I ended up cutting off the triangle sides on this one, but I'm thinking that next time, I'll adjust the length and width a bit and leave them on for a jagged edge. Maybe.

We ventured out into the cold yesterday to try some photos. The camera did not like it and balked a bit, but we got 'em. 

The pattern is Gently Down the Stream by Christina Cameli from Quilter's Newsletter Fat Quarter Quilts Fall 2014

The quilt is straight--fence goes downhill
I pieced the quilt on my Singer Featherweight and quilted it on my Singer 115 treadle. It's cotton with Quilter's Dream Select white cotton batting, and Superior King Tut cotton quilting thread in Papyrus. 

I'm keeping track of the changes in size of my quilts to help me figure out sizes of future quilts when it matters. The quilt top finished at 41.5 by 48.5 inches. After quilting, it was 40.5 by 47.5, and after washing (cold water and low dryer), it was 38.25 by 44. 75, shrinking 8% in both length and width or 15% in area overall. 

Here are some more pictures. (We're still learning about staging outside.)

And some inside shots after washing and blocking:

And one more outside:
Blame the snowman for the cold, snowy weather. It all started right after I put him outside.
If you are new to this blog, you can read other posts about this quilt hereherehere, and here.

Soon this quilt will be on its way to Margaret's Hope Chest for their Mother's Hope program, which helps mothers working through postpartum depression. 

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ES said...

It's a super quilt, and the photos are lovely! It's interesting to read about the degree of shrinkage. Thanks for sharing.

JanineMarie said...
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JanineMarie said...

Thank you! You always leave such nice comments. I wish I knew of a way to contact you directly.

Ann said...

What a charming quilt. Love all the photos, especially on the snow. No snow here. Thanks for sharing all the details of batting and thread.

Lynette said...

It's so nice :) The colors in this are quite calming and grounding without being boring at all. I really like the non-90 degree angles in the pattern. :D Fun pics, too! Awesome shot on the banister.

Anonymous said...

Your measurements of the shrinkage are interesting, I never do that. So far, it hasn't been a concern but I coiuld see where it would matter for certain projects. This is a lovely finish!

Kaja said...

This has turned out really well! I love the first photo,of the quilt on the fence. The colours of the wood really compliment your fabrics. Also, it's a great idea to post your information on sizing - I'd never even thought of measuring.