Wednesday, April 22, 2015

WIP To Share or Not to Share

I got a lot done on the Big Quilt this week, and I even managed to take pictures of my progress despite the dark weather. I had to take them inside because it was windy with occasional sleet and flurries. Yes, in late April. (Oh well, can't complain--the weekend was gorgeous!)

But now that I have a 40-inch block done (that I'm really pleased with), I'm second guessing myself about whether I should share a picture. Here's the problem: When I started planning the quilt, the inspiration was a pillow my daughter-in-law had seen online. (The design is printed on fabric, not pieced.) My initial plan was quite different from the design of the pillow, but eventually I set that plan aside because it just wasn't working. I decided that what the quilt really needed (wanted?) was a very large version of the pillow design centered on the top of the bed and then extended in some way to cover the rest of the bed. I looked online and did not see the pillow design in any commercial bedding, so I figured it would be okay to use the design in my quilt (which will be kept in the family, not sold). But I'm just not sure if it's okay to share pictures of it. I do not know who makes the pillow. It is sold on a site that curates collections of items for home shopping. 

For now, I've decided not to show the quilt block as I made it even though I'd love to share my process and progress in making this quilt. I'm wondering what others think. I am sensitive to not taking the work of others and passing it off as my own idea, and when I use a pattern or idea, I try to give proper credit. What do you think? Is it okay to copy the design of something commercially made to make a different type of item that can't be bought (and won't be sold) and then share pictures of it? I do not have a good understanding of copyrights. 

This quilt will take me awhile. If I don't blog about it, I'll need to find something else to share because I do want to stay in the habit of posting. I've already got an idea for something else that I can make concurrently with the quilt. (The quilt will be a long process with lots of breaks for planning/consultation.)

Well, now, while working on this post I just got a package shipped from my nephew's wife with these fabrics in it. 

She would like me to add a quilted border to a bedspread to enlarge it. I don't have the bedspread yet, but this will be another WIP I can share eventually. I guess I won't run out of blog material after all. 

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I'm looking forward to your feedback.


Lorna McMahon said...

Of course.... Now we all want to see just what it is you are working on. I agree that the copyright issue is a concern, but I think as long as you are not claiming this is your own idea, it would certainly be fine to show what you are making. But I am not a lawyer. Hahaha!

Kaja said...

I think if it were me I would post, but explain the inspiration (as you have done here) and link to the online site/manufacturer of the original pillow.

Camilla said...

I think there's nothing new under the sun, everything is inspired by something else at least and as long as you're giving credit for the original idea and not doing it to make money surely it's fine.

Pamela said...

We all receive inspiration from so many sources. To not share YOUR creation, no matter what it is based on, would be a shame, so post away. You could not exactly duplicate/copy what was seen online - the fabric choices/fabric content/shade of color would not be the same in this situation we are discussing. You are correct to be cautious, but in this instance - you are INSPIRED by what was seen to create an original design, based on my understanding of what you wrote above.