Thursday, April 16, 2015

Throwback Thursday Quilt Edition--Simple HSTs

Throwback Thursday--time to look back at another quilt I made in my pre-blogging days. 

My grandnephew K's 9th birthday was a couple of days ago, so to celebrate, I've dug out a photo of the baby quilt I finished for him in late March 2006, just before he was born. As I recall, his nursery was decorated with bedding with a barnyard theme, and as I've done on other occasions, I went to the store with fabric swatches in hand to check out the bedding and figure out what might go with it. 

Quilts I made for babies back then were very simple, and tied with perle cotton so that I could finish them quickly. 

Half-square Triangles!
I don't remember whether I followed a pattern for color placement or just played with the fabrics. I do remember that I hadn't made many baby quilts for boys and that finding fabrics in the colors I needed without flowery prints was a bit of a challenge. If you look closely, you'll see that one green fabric has flies on it (mayflies, maybe?). I guess I was thinking "bugs." Another fabric has leaves, so maybe together those were kind of a nod to the barnyard theme. I used the same fabric for backing and binding, and tied the quilt with light yellow perle cotton. The squares are about 5 inches, I think, so that would make the quilt about 40 by 50 inches. I used a polyester batting. As always, the quilt was pieced on my Singer Featherweight.

Do you notice the chopped off points on the edges? I'm not sure I'd tolerate that now, but I put a pretty hefty binding on by machine. We'll just say I meant to do that, okay? 

I'm linking up today with My Quilt Infatuation for Needle and Thread Thursday. Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. HST quilts are always so fun! And what boy doesn't love bugs?

  2. LOL - no I did not notice the chopped off points. I was too busy thinking the color combination was wonderful. It pretty amazing that the points are chopped off only along the edges Janine. This quilt must have gotten a lot of love and use with your grand nephew!