Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Getting Started first post. 

Let's start with this quilt:
This is Rail Fence (such an imaginative name, but I'm not in the habit of naming my quilts, except for the people they're intended for), made as a quilt along with amandajean of Crazy Mom Quilts (but mine was a "quilt after" since I made it after the quilt along was done) to donate to Margaret's Hope Chest. One of their ministries is to provide quilts to incarcerated parents to give their children, and they especially need quilts for boys. I think this one might work for a very young boy. 

I found the fabrics at a big sidewalk sale at one of my favorite quilt shops. The block size is 6 inches and the quilt is about 52 by 64 inches after washing. I made it on my Singer Featherweight and quilted it on my Singer treadle machine.  (All my quilts are made this way, unless I hand quilt them.)

I used 1/2 yard cuts of 8 fabrics for the front and pieced the back with 2 yards plus leftovers and pieces from my stash. I used Quilter's Dream Cotton Select batting and Superior King Tut cotton thread in White Linen for quilting. I'm new to free motion quilting and treadling, so I quilted in meanders since that's best for my skill level right now. 

Here's the back. 
Whew, that about covers it. This is fun--and I've already saved a lot more information than I ever have about my quilts. Until next time, I'll keep quilting.


  1. Lovely back on this quilt. It is completely reversible! Welcome to this blog community. I suspect you will love it!! Interesting that you FMQ on a treadle machine. That seems like a challenge.

    1. Thanks! FMQ on a treadle is good exercise (I think?) and it's all I know how to do since I never quilted on any machine before. Mostly I meander, though. I'm in awe of the amazing work others do with FMQ.