Wednesday, March 22, 2023


Yeah, that name. I'm not crazy about naming my quilts. I kept referring to this quilt as the turquoise, orange and yellow quilt while I was making it, so a mash-up of the colors works for me. I made the top way back in September last year during a time when I needed something quick, mindless, and cheerful while adjusting to a new life without my father in it. Thus, the bright colors and simple design.

The pattern is from Sew Katie Did. I had read a blog post of hers from way back in 2011 where she talked about magic numbers and showed a quilt she was working on. I shamelessly copied her design. I hope that was okay. I don't think she had a pattern published and the blog post read like a tutorial. So anyway, this quilt is made with one block with 2-inch, 4-inch and 6-inch squares (plus seam allowances). I built it one block at a time, cutting batches of squares as I needed them to distribute the colors, fabrics and (to some extent) values.I also rotated the block more or less randomly. I did not spend a lot of time planning it out. It was the project I needed. 

Here is the block in isolation--bad image, I know, but I didn't have any photos of the individual blocks so I cropped heavily. My favorite fabric is that woodcut-looking print of flowers in orange. 

We went on a vacation in October, and I took the top along to find some backing fabric as a souvenir. I challenged myself to find just the right backing in the one quilt store near where we stayed. And I found it! Turquoise dots with orange and yellow in the centers. For some reason my camera eliminated the center colors on bigger photos, but here is one I took as I was trying to decide if it was necessary to match the seamline for the back. (I decided it wasn't necessary.)

I basted it sometime before the end of the year, but I set it aside so I could make the baby quilt that I wrote about last week. I finished it a couple of weeks ago as soon as the baby quilt was done.

My favorite quilting for quick quilts is walking foot, with some version of wavy lines. For this one I decided on diagonal lines, about an inch give-or-take apart. Took almost no time at all.
I had bought the bolt end of the backing fabric, so I had enough to make binding, too. 

So here are the stats for this short and sweet quilt: 

Block Pattern: From Magic Numbers post by Sew Katie Did. Block is 14 inches square, and I made 16 in 4 rows of 4.

Fabrics: A variety of new fat quarters I collected last year, plus bits and pieces from my stash. The back is urban elementz Basix by Patricia Ritter for Northcott from 2017. I wonder if they still make it. It looks like it came in several colors and fun dots.

BattingFairfield 80/20.

Thread: Superior Masterpiece in Granite for piecing; Superior King Tut in Temple for quilting; Superior Treasure in Antique (I think?) for hand sewing the binding.

Size: Pieced: 56 1/2 inches square
         After quilting: 56 3/8 by 56 inches
         Washed: 54 by 53 5/8 inches
Machines: Singer Featherweight for piecing; Singer Treadle 115 for walking foot quilting and for machine work on the binding.
(Selfie in the mirror! I was going to use this photo for the IGQuiltFest, but I never got around to posting.)

I just mentioned the name of the quilt to my quilt advisor. He said, "Why don't you name it TOY?" (Get it?) Hmmm. It doesn't look like a TOY quilt to me. Then he said he didn't really care about quilt names, and I could name it Bob if I wanted. (He names everything that might need a name Bob.) Oh well. 
Probably the truest colors of all the photos

I plan to donate this quilt--haven't decided on a organization yet. Maybe for a younger recipient? What do you think? 

BTW, I just changed the font size? Is that better? Why didn't I do this years ago?? (Old eyes.)

(Just a reminder: I'm not affiliated with any company, so when I mention products, services, or stores I'm just documenting what I used or liked.)


Julie in GA said...

Beautiful quilt! I love the colors you used. Thanks for the link to the tutorial.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I think the quilt looks like a "happy days" quilt - just something nice to get out to sit on the grass with for a picnic. The way you quilted it is just right as well.

Bernie Kringel said...

In my mind this quilt will forever be called Bob. I think that is hilarious. It is a beautiful quilt Janine.
I love the picture of you in this post. We never get to see you!!! Your hair has grown so long! It is a sweet photo. Do you always quilt with bare hands? Mine are too slippery for some reason?

Kathleen said...

I love it! What a fun name you came up with...and I, too, am sometimes at a total loss for names. Love the backing you found, too, just perfect!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

This is such a fun quilt! I love the orange, yellow, and turquoise combination together. That backing/binding fabric is really perfect, too! I'm not good at naming quilts either. You can tell your quilt advisor that 5th graders also like to name everything "Bob!" (I was a 5th grade teacher in my working career.:) Even space aliens that they might be writing about would be named Bob! Anyway, beautiful finish!

Allison said...

Such a beautiful quilt - the colours and prints all look made for each other. The backing was a good find and made great binding too. So glad this bright and simple quilt has been part of your way of dealing with loss and keeping creativity in your life. I'm sure whoever snuggles up with 'Bob' will feel the love you've put into the making.

Margo Yang said...

That’s hilarious to name a quilt ‘Bob’. The colors are wonderful and cheerful. It’s really fun to look at. You did a good job!

Anorina @SameliasMum said...

Its a beautiful quilt. I especially love the colour combination which you've used.

Lynn said...

Gorgeous quilt. Love the colours, the size of squares and quilting, just lovely!

Preeti said...

It is a beautiful quilt. The colors play well with each other.
Speaking of Bob, there is a quilt in the Quiltmaker magazine's Nov/Dec 2022 issue named "Maybe Bob" designed by Michelle Freedman. Not kidding. BTW, if you can get your hands on the movie "What about Bob?", do watch it. With Bill Murray in the title role, it is a hilarious (slightly dark) watch.