Saturday, June 26, 2021


Before I get to Purple, I want to draw your attention to the top of my sidebar on the right. There's a new widget there to follow this blog by email. If that's how you follow me, please take a moment to sign up again. By now you may know that the old email service for following this blog is going away. I'm going to try instead, but I'm not tech savvy enough to transfer subscribers myself, so thanks for helping me out. You've probably seen posts by other bloggers about this. I plan to also put a note on Instagram when I put a new blog post up, so that might be helpful to you, too. I'm most concerned that I will have trouble finding your blog now that my email notifications are also going away, and am still mulling over how to approach that issue. Change is not fun, but I'll figure it out. I've adjusted before...

Anyway. Purple. 

Purple was a challenge this month. My goal for Rainbow Scrap Challenge and 52 Weeks of Scrappy Triangles is to use as many scraps as possible from my multicolored scrap bin. And there just wasn't much to pick from with purple or with the sizes I needed. So the combinations in these blocks might seem a bit odd. One thing I do like, though, is how each block sort of has its own personality. And there is purple in every scrap.

And when they get together with all their friends from the other months--ooh, I like a lot!

My purple stash has been pretty poor for a long time, so I knew an infusion was needed this month. Now it just so happened that we noticed a quilt shop we hadn't seen before in a strip mall while we were on our way from our son and DIL's home a few weeks ago. The shop wasn't open at the time we passed by, but we knew we'd be going that way again in a few days. In the meantime, I looked the place up online and discovered that their whole inventory was on an etsy site. It was fun seeing what was available, and that made it easy to make a quick stop on our way home after our next trip to the kids.

The top two groupings of fabric are from that store: Hartland Quilt Shop and Sewing Studio. My favorite purples have blue tones, but I did buy reddish ones, too, because I liked the prints. I'd like to find a few more bluish purples with a little more figure in them, but I can collect them gradually. Oh, and the three purples at the bottom of the photo? Impulse buy at my local quilt shop the other day when I was buying something else. :)

So that's purple There are still a few days of June left. I could make one more purple block--or I could wait and do a block in the color for next month. We shall see...

Until next time, have fun with your scraps. And if you can, please check back here tomorrow for a post related to a QAL for a purpose. Yes, two blog posts this weekend!!

I'm linking this up today with Angela at So Scrappy for Scrap Happy Saturday and on Sunday with Cynthia at Quilting is more fun than Housework for Oh Scrap.

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Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I have to fix the email thing on my blog too - I don't usually subscribe to blogs by email I put every thing I read on my Feedly Reader and it updates as new blog postings come in and I check it once or twice a day but I know some want it by email

Susan Smith said...

Loving this scrappy quilt you are doing and thanks for the info on the email thing. I've had a few people ask about following by email, but don't know enough of the tech side to work it out. I'll have another try later. You are on my sidebar, so I can see when a post pops up. Take care & hugs.

Barbara said...

What a great idea! I've got those patterns and, boy, do I have scraps. Someday, maybe. I love the layout you showed.

Nancy said...

You have such variety in your scrappy triangles. I love them!
I follow blogs using feedly (where I can usually see whole blog posts) but I know many people subscribe to my blog via email. I plan to switch to, too. I guess I better get on it quickly since July is almost here!

Linda said...

Pretty, pretty blocks. In spite of the fact I love purple, I have very few scraps of it; so thanks for the reminder that I can use scraps that just have a bit of purple in them. I haven't even started on my RSC this month - today will be busy!
The way I keep track of blogs is to use a Blog List in my sidebar. It's one of the widgets available in Blogger Layout. I used to use BlogLovin' but there is something about it that makes me a bit uneasy - not sure what though!

Bonnie said...

I really like your half triangle blocks. They go from interesting by themselves to WOWEE! when put together. You got some fun new purple fabrics!

Allison said...

Your blocks look great together. I learned a lot doing the RSC - especially that scrap blocks look a whole lot better together than on their own!
Purple is one of my least favourite colours so I had to scratch around to find scraps. I think I will follow your example and add a few purple FQs to my stash - I know they will come in handy!
I've added my email to your new list so hopefully I will still receive notifications of your blog posts :-)

Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi JanineMarie! I think your purple blocks look fab. How cool that you were able to combine these two challenges together. And the monthly colors look pretty nifty as you've laid them out. Too cool! ~smile~ Roseanne