Tuesday, June 16, 2020

How Does Your Garden Grow?

So... this isn't a quilting post, although it might be inspirational for quilters--color, design, etc. It's really a test of the new Blogger format. I've already run into an issue. I was excited because I want to be able to write posts on my phone or ipad, but I couldn't figure out how to change the font on those, so here I am again on my laptop. Sigh. But here goes...

We finally (oh my, I have to change the font for each paragraph?) put in our annual flowers this week. We decided to wait to buy them until the Memorial Day/Garden Center Pandemic Opening was past. There weren't a lot of flowers to pick from, but we found ones that are doing wonderfully after some nice cool, dry weather to help them settle in. 

Here are a few photos I took with my phone--the ones that didn't come out blurry, anyway. I'll try some other ones for another post, if I need to do another trial post.

First up, our perennial geranium:
Ooh, that worked, and I like how I could increase the size.
Here's a close up:
And one more because I love this flower so much:
How about an adorable zinnia?
Pansies? Violas? (I can never remember which is which.) 
So far this is working pretty well. A painted daisy. These are so cute. They don't last long.
Our Maltese Crosses are kind of small this year.
We have a few pots of coleus.
There were only two flats of impatiens left. I usually plant red, but this year I added pink because there were only a few reds and the rest were pink, so new habit maybe?
Okay, I'm going to save this and see what happens if I try to do the last paragraph and photo with my ipad. 

Wish me luck. (Do you see what I did there? I started a new paragraph and didn't have to change my font. Yay!)

Okay, here I am. Font is still there. Here’s a photo of my red impatiens. Aw shucks! It won't let me add a photo. Hmmm. Okay, back to the computer. I'll have to study this a little more. Maybe this won't work with an ipad mini? Here's the flower.

No fabric or quilting photos here. But. I did venture out to my local fabric store today all masked and sanitized, and quick grabbed a few needed fabric pieces for a project I'm working on. The store is all outfitted with clear shower curtains to keep customers and cashiers apart, and there are little tape strips all over to remind us of the 6-foot rule. My fabrics are the color of the lime coleus above. I'll share them another time, maybe when I take another crack at this on the ipad. 

So, this format is not so bad. I was able to add my photos much faster than before. I just need a little more practice finding the right buttons. And I sure hope I can figure out how to use this on my mobile devices. Much more to learn...

Aw, my font just needed to be readjusted. Oh well, I know how to do that. I hope you're having a good quilty week, and if you are a Blogger user, I hope you are figuring out this new format. If you have any tips, please share away!


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I think I am glad I do not use blogger after reading how all of you are having a time with it - some seem to like it and others don't - I never blog from my phone - it is too small to type decently on I think!

Lin said...

I have this joy to come! Well it was great seeing your beautiful flowers - we have a few of those blue geraniums, they are gorgeous. xx

Mari said...

Your pictures are so pretty and cheerful. I *love* the perennial geranium. Our house has almost no landscaping, so I'm collecting ideas, and that one is now at the top of the list! I'm okay with the new Blogger, but messed up on scheduling the post and it actually posted right away. I just have to remember to save more often. I never change the fonts or post from a phone or anything, so that's okay. You must be more modern than me! Glad that it turned out well for you so that we could see your beautiful garden! Stay well!

somethingrosemade14@blogspot.com said...

I’ll be doing a test post soon using the new blogger but almost changed my mind when I first started reading your post but regained my courage at the end. I wonder if I will have any difficulties if I still plan on using my Mac for posts. Can’t fathom typing my posts using one finger on an iPad. Thanks for sharing!

QuiltGranma said...

Love that periwinkle blue of the geranium, and the delicate pink flower at the end... what a wonderful combination for a quilt, just add a lovely sage green!

Linda said...

Oh I love your garden! Do you replant impatiens or do they come back each year for you?
I feel your pain on the new format. I did my first test post AND with a new website, so I was focused on that for a long time and still have some tweaks to make. I've tried and failed so many times to figure out how to use Wordpress, so I guess I'll keep plodding along with Blogger. Hope you are doing well!

Sandra Walker said...

Well brave woman, kudos to you! I have been using the new blogger on the laptop, haven't tried it on my phone. I doubt my old iPad (2012) will do it. There are some very annoying things like the way photos are added for just one. Lovely garden! I need to get zinnias and painted daisies (yes!) both of which I had in Alberta but haven't grown here. Yet. Yay to trying new things, and to change, both blogger and quilt shops. STarting Monday masks are required for all commercial places; let's see how they force these idiots who refuse to wear one to do so! I had a woman my age without one behind me in line in the farm market by my house yesterday, actually do two little COUGHS. I pointedly moved further away from her but I think that was an occasion where I could have/should have said, 'Are you kidding me?' and glared at her with my eyes, since my mask was covering my nose to chin. Her arms were full so she clearly could not have covered her mouth. We are doomed I swear it.

Margo Yang said...

LOVE all the flowers you posted! I'm using blogger too and trying to get used to this new format. It's annoying at first but then I figured a few things out and that made blogging life easier. I attempted to write a blog on iPad before but found that typing on my laptop is much faster. Don't even want to try on the iPhone. Ten fingers are better than one or two. That's what I think...Hee hee