Friday, November 22, 2019

Bed Runner

Ooh, ooh, ooh, a finish! I just haven't had many of those this year. At least it seems like it. I started this quilt way back in July. It's been sitting around for the past few weeks with the binding ready to sew down. I had been saving it for a take-along task, but realized this week that I could just finish it because soon I'll have a couple more take-along projects. (Yes, two other projects close to a finish. I've been a quilting machine during our early winter weather.) So, after a couple of evenings of TV watching and staying cozy while binding, here it is: our bed runner, aka Gently Down the Stream Again, from a pattern by Christina Cameli. I say Again, because it's the third quilt I've made from this pattern. (Can you tell I love it?!)
I have to say that I am more pleased with my fabric selection for this quilt than I have been for any other quilt I have ever made. Everything came together so well. I went to the biggest independent fabric store in my area and challenged myself to do a pull from just that store (in addition to four pieces I had at home.) I stood back about 10 feet from the shelves and pulled whatever I thought might work in my scheme of coral, turquoise/aqua, gold and green. 

This is pretty much the entire pull. I had an aqua print and a light coral at home. I couldn't find a turquoise I liked, but I knew I had two at home. After I got home, I deleted the aqua fat quarter you see on the lower left. I had another darker turquoise in the mix, too, but I rejected it as too dark for the quilt. The thing that thrilled me most was that each of the more complex prints had other colors from the pull in them. My favorite is that aqua paisley. This really just "happened" as these are from a lot of different fabric lines. As you can see my favorite fabrics are tone-on-tone prints, but there was just enough movement in the prints to satisfy me. For the zigzag feature in the design, I chose Kona Bone because it matched our bedspread.

This quilt is built with strip sets, and laying them out to get varied combinations took a lot of space. I ran out of room on my banquet table and had to use my couch, too. Somewhere along the way, I figured out how many combinations of three you can make from 14 fabrics. Let's just say it's A LOT. (I can't find my notes, or I'd tell you)

To keep them all together, I used bobby pins. I had recently needed a couple of bobby pins for my hair. Of course, I had to buy a bunch because that was how they came, but they came in handy for this kind of project. I pulled out a few to keep in my vanity drawer, but the rest became a sewing notion. They are in this nifty little magnetic case. I love how you can make sewing notions out of all kinds of things.

I quilted the quilt sort of as recommended in the pattern, with squiggles in the zigzag area and mostly meanders with a few kinda, sorta flowers in the colorful parts. My rule was no picking out anything unless there was a major tension issue or pleats in the fabric. So there are some wonky stitches, but I don't care because we are wonky people and this is our quilt. Free motion quilting went fast because I could go from one end to the other without stopping except to change a bobbin. (So much to love about this pattern!) I used leftover fabric in strips for the binding, first laying pieces out around the quilt edge to make sure that a particular binding fabric didn't touch the same fabric in the body of the quilt.

Here are some close-ups of the front.

And my initials and date:

I chose to use Kona Bone on the back. Not sure exactly why--maybe a thought that a color would eventually crock onto the bedspread? Probably a ridiculous idea. Oh well. I didn't seem to have that worry when it came to the binding. Anyway, now that it's done, I love the back because it shows the quilting so well. 

Here's the back on the garage:

And some close ups:

So there you have it. But wait, how about some pictures on the bed?

I love how it looks with our green walls--and it's just the pop of color we need. I have some fabric left (there are a lot of cut-off edges as well as some extra triangles), so maybe a throw pillow is in the future--but don't hold your breath waiting.

Here are the stats:
Pattern: Gently Down the Stream by Christina Cameli. The pattern was in a magazine, but I think you can purchase it from her. I made my version longer and narrower.
Fabrics:  A variety (sorry, I'm not good at keeping track of them) plus Kona Bone.
Batting: Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 
Thread: Superior-- Masterpiece in Granite for piecing; King Tut in White Linen for quilting; Treasure in Old Lace for hand stitching binding.
Binding: 2 1/2 inches cut, double layer, machine sewn to front and hand stitched on back
Size: I forgot to measure (or maybe write down) the size before quilting; 83 1/4 inches by 27 5/8 inches after quilting. I don't plan to wash it until it needs it.
Machines: Singer Featherweight for piecing; Singer Treadle 115 for free motion quilting.

I learned one big thing with this quilt. If it's going to take a long time between start and finish, keep all notes in one good place so you can find them later when you want to write about it. Of course, that doesn't guarantee that I'll know what the notes say, as they are usually a kind of stream of consciousness/problem solving indecipherable scratch. 

We put the quilt on the bed last night. It felt good to have that extra bit of weight at the end of the bed. There is a mysterious elf at our house that often pulls our blankets off the bed--almost always on my side. Hmm. Well, that runner seemed to stay on the bed most of the night, but did slide off sometime in the wee hours. I'm blaming the elf. At least the bed looks pretty during the day.

It seems that no modern blog post would be complete without one of those swirl glamour shots, so here it is!

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Have a good week. And if you are in the US, have fun preparing for Thanksgiving.

(I'm not affiliated with any company, so when I mention products, services, or stores I'm just documenting what I used or liked.) 


chrisknits said...

Gorgeous!!! I love runners, I made one for the bonus room bed, now why haven't I made one for my own bed? LOL

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Isn't that beautiful?! I couldn't figure out your block construction until I looked at your close-up photo - I think quilts like that are so fascinating! The quilting is perfect for it, and I loved what you said about being wonky people, you could handle some wobbles in the quilting. Of course, we can! Great finish, Janine!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

that is a beautiful runner - the colors all look great together and the way you quilted it is perfect for it

Lynn said...

Really lovely choice of colours and the quilting sets it off really well for your bed. Congratulations on your finish.

The Joyful Quilter said...

What a lovely color story. That bed runner is the perfect POP for your room!!

Vicki in MN said...

It is just the perfect color for your room. I love how you highlighted the white with the quilting. Nice work!

PaulaB quilts said...

I love your color scheme and the fabrics that you choose. I think it reminds me of a fruit bowl, anyway it’s gorgeous. The parent is looks like it’s very difficult. It’s just the perfect touch in your bedroom. I also like your collection of old photos. I have one of my own with both sides of our family, going back to Civil War times. Enjoy it in good health.

Debbie said...

This is absolutely amazing! I really appreciate your process for fabric selection, it helps me to see how to make mine better. But the strip set technique to make the "block" is also great. I had no idea this was not a diamond log cabin. And your finished bed cover is great and looks so good in your room.

Louise said...

It's gorgeous, Janine! Wow! And it really does bring just the right pop of color into your bedroom. Your quilting looks great! Bone is a good choice for the back of a small piece like this, I think, and will always match your bedspread :)

Louise said...

Here's the link to buy Christina's pattern on Bluprint:

Mari said...

Wow, is that cool! It almost looks Southwestern to me. Did you also make the whole cloth quilt? The Kona Bone seems to match it perfectly. Have a wonderful holiday!

Lin said...

Thats a great finish and I love your fabric choice. xx

Bernie Kringel said...

This is beautiful Janine. The colors are so great in your room. Fantastic quilting too. Love it. I have been wanting to make a bed runner too. Just because I think they look really cool and would be a small-ish project. Hmmm... maybe this goes on the list?

Preeti said...

This looks absolutely fabulous!!! The colors just sing beautifully.
I agree with you about the notes and the deciphering of them issues :-)
Have a Happy fall and a great Thanksgiving holiday!

Linda said...

Absolutely LOVE it! The colors are so pretty together. Your quilting is wonderful. Now I want a bed runner. What we use is one of those Walmart plush blankets they sell this time of year so that the cats stay off our bedspread - lol!