Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Summer Stitching

I have banished the squirrels and am back to my current projects. There are lots of fun non-sewing things to do in summer, but I made a surprising amount of progress in a short time on my Deconstructed Coins quilt. I made sashing rows and joined them with the coin rows this week.

My plan was to add one more sashing row to the top and the bottom. But that will make the quilt an awkward almost-but-not-quite square. So I'm thinking now of adding a narrow dark blue strip to each end and then put sashing down the sides as well: the same three patterns of three stripes with a tiny rectangle, two stripes, and squares. It doesn't seem like a lot to do, but really, it's almost as many sashing pieces as I've already made. Oh, well, the fabric supply doesn't seem to have diminished much except the aqua. I'll just keep sprinkling that in. 

So here's the basic plan, minus the details:

Meanwhile, I've been having fun with the big stitch quilting on my little door quilt. And I mean BIG stitch. I figured that since my usual hand quilting is with tiny stitches, I had to make it really different. So these stitches are about a quarter inch--maybe even a smidge more. It's a relaxing take-along project, or deck project, or sit and watch TV project, but I think I prefer tiny quilting stitches. And I'm having trouble deciding if I'm finished. Does it need more? More lines in the petals? More lines in the crosshatching? I don't know. So I think I'll do the binding next and then decide. It might just be time to hang it up and be done. Of course, then I'll have to piece another little something because I'll be out of take-along projects for the rest of the summer and fall. What a problem to have, huh? (I won't call that a squirrel because take-along projects are essential.)

So, what else besides summer stitching? Yesterday we celebrated Independence Day with a lovely rails-to-trails bike ride between two towns a little northwest of where we live. It was a gorgeous ride--much of it through a recreation area where there are no roads to cross. It alternated between well-packed crushed limestone and asphalt, so an easy ride. Both towns have old rail stations. One has been turned into a hair salon. The other is a museum run by the town's historical society. The museum was closed when we parked our car there at the beginning of the ride, but by the time we got back it was opening. The members of the historical society were eager to take us on a tour to share the station's story as well as all the local items they have collected over the years. And at the end, there was ice cream!! What a fun way to end our ride. I love tiny towns and exploring their history. 

Here are some pictures of our ride:
Lots of bridges and views of the river that meanders near the trail. 
And tiny details we saw along the way:

And the train stations:
The station on the top left is the one that is now a hair salon. I peeked in the window. It looks pretty much as it probably always did inside--except for simple cabinets with salon chairs. I'm glad they haven't modernized it. Glary picture through the glass, but look at that floor. Hexie inspiration, anyone?

The caboose was parked at the station turned historical museum. Look, a barn caboose quilt!

Railroad Crossing block, of course! It turns out there is a barn quilt trail in the three counties nearby. I had no idea, but the historical society had a brochure with a map to find them. (Of course!)

I'm linking up today with Sew Fresh Quilts for Let's Bee Social. Happy summer quilting, everyone, if you live in my hemisphere, and cozy winter quilting for the rest of you! 


  1. Wow! I am not normally a fan of Chinese coins, but your fabric and colours are just fabulous! That is a beautiful quilt! I saw you thumbnail on another blog, and this has prompted me to follow your blog. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work.,

  2. I love that deconstructed coins quilt. What wonderful treasures you found on Independance Day.

  3. The coins quilt is just stunning! Love the big stitching - it looks perfect to me. What a beautiful bike ride!
    You may have banished the squirrels but they showed up at my house. :D

  4. Janine, It is so nice to read about your riding adventures again. How nice to be (almost) healed and back to normal activities. That turtle! How cool is that.
    Deconstructed Coins is so great - I love the way it is progressing. As for your hand stitching, it looks wonderful just like this. I would call it a finish and hang it up!

  5. I am so tickled how much the railway stations resemble my own historic one in Kingsville, which is now a very good restaurant. I love the quilt block on the caboose! Where did you get the deconstructed coins quilt pattern? It is a great one. And I think your door hanging is wonderful, no more stitches needed IMHO.

  6. What a fun adventure! I so wish we had bike trails nearby. Looks like you are having a fun and productive summer for sure.

  7. Thanks for taking us along on your bike ride! That was a lot fun little details. What a beautiful area! I love historical buildings and those are wonderful ones. Love the caboose quilt!

  8. I love your little flower quilt! It looks great, and it looks just about finished to me. Add a binding and hamg it up! And the pictures from your ride are beautiful!

  9. I am in love with the Deconstructed Coins. It has such a modern vibe to it, that you must be 27 or younger. We have a saying that means - That which ripens slowly is the sweetest. It has developed slowly but it is awesome!!!

  10. How fun your bike adventure sounds! I love the photo of the turtle. Tortoise? And the caboose quilt!

    Your Chinese coins improv is coming together so, so well, Janine. You have made a fully fledged wonderful quilt out of just a few sample pieces. Well done!

  11. Oh, what fun! I so enjoyed my arm chair bike ride! Your projects are wonderful!