Wednesday, July 13, 2016

A Bit of Progress

This post should be called "A Whole Lot of Fun and a Bit of Progress." Right after I finished my last post, I found out that two of my grandkiddies (and their mommy) were coming for the weekend and into this week. Yippee!! We had a blast playing with balls, books and Barbies, taking walks, and playing in our backyard water park aka the sprinkler. That sprinkler hasn't been out in years--we don't water our lawn--but it was perfect for a fun evening of cooling off, and I think our poor dry grass appreciated it, too. Our grandson's favorite word right now is "basketball," and we discovered on our walks that there are LOTS of basketball hoops in our neighborhood. Our granddaughter learned how to play "Sorry," and of course, won her first game. (It sure was fun to send Mommy and Gramma back to "start.")

That was the fun part. Now they've gone back home, and it's kind of quiet here. But here's the progress part (also fun, but I do miss those little kids). While I was waiting for the grandkids to arrive on Saturday, I pulled out my Fall Maple quilt to work on. It's usually my travel project, but we haven't been travelling lately, so I think it should be my "sit on the deck in the evenings" project. Anyway, I got quite a bit done. 

(Remember, I'm quilting this one from the back so I can see what I'm doing. If you want to see the front, click on the Fall Maple Quilt label in the column on the right.)

Today, I'm cutting out blocks for a rainbow colored Quilt for Pulse (Orlando Modern Quilt Guild). I've got the biggest block parts and some of the background cut:

Some of the blocks are paper pieced, some will be a slice and insert technique and the rest will be the large heart blocks from Cluck Cluck Sew. I'm also making some words. I was just going to make the big blocks, but a variation on the design came to me as I started thinking about making the quilt. Here's the paper pieced pattern:

I'm almost done with my wedding gift quilt--just need to hand stitch the binding to the last two sides. Woohoo! And I've put the Lake Michigan quilt back up on the design wall. 

Looks like I might be working on three quilts at once for a little while. So maybe a little bit of progress will turn into a lot of progress one of these days.

I'm linking up with Sew Fresh Quilts and My Quilt Infatuation for their linky parties this week. Click on the buttons on the sidebar to see lots of awesome quilt projects. 

I hope you're having a whole lot of fun and making a little bit (or a lot) of quilt progress this week.


Preeti Harris said...

Oh no. I disagree with you, Janine. That is a LOT. May be not in volume but in its exquisiteness. Those little stitches are so neat and so beautiful-just perfect. You are creating a heirloom and that is a lot of progress. Looking forward to all your projects.

Bernie Kringel said...

I love seeing some of your long term projects come out - the Lake Michigan and Fall projects are inspiring. I appreciate that you are taking your time and creating these beautiful quilts. It is a display of patience and perseverance.

Sounds like you had so much fun with your littles. If we didn't water with our sprinklers, California would be brown fields of dust. I remember when we moved to Pennsylvania in the early 90's and my husband brought his whole irrigation set up - extra valves, sprinkler heads, PVC joins etc. We got to our house and wondered where the heck we would find the sprinklers. Haha - what a bunch of Californians. (That became apparent once again when I sent my boys to the bus stop during a huge snow and the neighbor came over to tell me to bring them home because there wasn't any school!!)

Mari said...

Wow, that hand quilting looks awesome! And I have about 18 projects going at once, so I admire your restraint in only having 3!

Kaja said...

That seems like a lot of progress to me, especially given that you have been mostly playing. I never think of stippling when I quilt but I like how it works: your leaves really stand out.