Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Got Your Back

Wow, I'm zooming right along on this quilt! I finished the front, and yesterday I pieced the back AND quilted the whole thing. The. Whole.Thing. (A major accomplishment for me. Can you tell?) It's amazing how quickly I can finish something by just meandering. This quilt is almost exactly 1/6 the size of the Big Quilt. So why am I not near finished with that one after quilting for more than half a year?? Just think, I could have meandered that one, and it would be a (good) distant memory. 

Here's the back (along with some strips for the binding):

The backing was just a smidge too narrow, so I added in some leftovers from the front. I left out the purple fabric, because there isn't purple in the backing, and it looked odd. I've decided to leave out the purple on the binding for the same reason. In a weird way, that will probably make it stand out on the front, but that's okay. 

Now I have to trim and get to that binding. I'm trying to decide between long strips of each color or shorter ones. Stay tuned. Maybe a finish this week? We'll see. I'm going to hand sew the binding to the back, so it will depend on how long that takes. 

I've also got my next project at the ready, but the planning is all in my mind, so no pictures yet. 

I'm linking up today with Freshly Pieced and Sew Fresh Quilts for their Wednesday parties. Buttons are on the side. Now, back to work fun. 


  1. Love the pieced back and the fact that you are using the same fabrics for the binding x

  2. Isn't it amazing how quick you can finish a quilt when meandering? I did this technique recently and I was wondering where it had been all my quilting life! I love the strip binding! I need to try this soon myself! SO much pretty color!

  3. Looking forward to your finish, and I've done the same thing with leaving out a color on the backing.
    By "hand sew the binding to the back", do you mean after you've machine sewn it to the front? That is what I always do, as I have not figured out a way to machine sew both sides and one of the seams not show on the other side, if that makes sense - that's a long sentence!

  4. Love that backing! Nice to have a fast finish.

  5. Wow, that was lightening speed! I look forward to seeing the finish. I usually enjoy hand sewing the back side of the binding. It is sort of peaceful and you can just sit and watch a movie or something while you stitch. Scrappy binding? Yay - I love that.

  6. Very often, the backings that are a smidge too small and therefor need some extra strips added are the most fun to see.
    Way to go getting so much done Janine!

  7. I'm glad you needed to add the extra strip to the backing; I love how it has ended up. You are really moving with this one.

  8. I know what you mean about meandering!!! The other thing about it for me is that I find it meditative. Funny about the backing; I had the exact same problem with Dayna's quilt, and sewed a bunch of leftover HSTs and other squares to make a similar strip, although mine was horizontal, as I didn't buy enough yardage of the wideback...another saga in her quilt!