Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Getting there...

Another  quick update--and I sincerely hope to have a finish by Friday. I fixed all of the problem areas on the quilt extension in the last two days. It might have looked like I was working last week (I did put up a post), but I was really taking a little vacation from quilting. My husband and I were doing a week of grandkiddie daycare at our daughter and son-in-law. It was busy, busy, busy but so much fun. L learned to pedal her tricycle, so we spent a lot of time outside and riding to the park. C is only a catnapper, so there was no down time, but he is such a happy little guy and fun to play with. He thinks everything his sister does is hilarious (and she loves to entertain him with her songs and dances). He's rolling all over and almost sitting by himself. I had a little knitting project with me that I thought I would do in the evenings, but the time flew by and before I knew it, it was time for bed. I could go on and on about our time, but this is a quilt blog, right?

So on Monday and Tuesday this week I worked like crazy on the quilt border, and this morning I made the binding. It's all ready to attach. 

Then, the last thing will be sewing the border to the bedspread. I'm a little scared about that part because I'll be sewing to polyester again. I think I'll use a really sharp, thin needle. 

I'll end this with a few shots from the garden. We are having a mosquito plague right now, so I don't have many pictures that weren't blurry. I was so busy swatting in just the couple of minutes I was out there that I couldn't hold still long enough to focus.

Not a great shot of the Astilbe, but I wanted to include it. They peaked while we were gone. 

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Hope to see you Friday with a finish. If you live in a mosquito prone area, I hope the rest of your week is bug free!

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Bernie Kringel said...

I love hearing about your time with your grandbabies, even if this is a quilting blog. You have a rich life outside of the quilting too! I love astilbe!! I had them at our house prior to this one and it was a favorite. Funny though, it always bloomed in early spring for us.