Thursday, December 4, 2014

Throwback Thursday--Baby T's Quilt

This is a new post in a series about quilts I completed before I started blogging. It is my effort to document past quilts with pictures and as many details as I can remember (often not many) about how I constructed them. I'll be posting these indefinitely on Throwback Thursday. 

Today's quilt is one I made just over a year ago for my grandniece T. I was inspired by this pattern from Anna at Six White Horses because of the sharp points and the crisp white in the narrow strips. I made a very long foundation paper pattern for the chevron parts.

The palette I was given for the nursery colors was Rainwashed paint by Sherwin Willliams, pencil yellow and cherry red. I shopped all of my local quilt shops and a few online stores to collect as many fabrics as I could in those colors. There's also a fabric on the back that I found at an antique mall (not antique fabric, though). I think I used Kona Snow for the white, as that is my go to for white when I don't want it to jump out too much. The back was pieced from leftovers and fabrics that didn't make the cut for the front. 

My signature quilt picture--"with legs"

Kinda dark and breezy--the actual quilt is more lively
The quilt measured 42 by 49 inches before washing. I hand quilted it with cotton thread and Mountain Mist Cream Rose Cotton batting. I used straight lines following the chevrons in some rows and meandering in others.

Baby T turned 1 a few days ago. Time sure flies. She's cute as a button. 

I'm linking up today with My Quilt Infatuation for Needle and Thread Thursday. 


  1. Lovely colours. I was never a yellow person but that sort of dusty shade is one of my new favourites. And I really like your pieced back.

  2. JanineMarie, that is a wonderful fabric palette and the quilt turned out beautiful! I haven't seen one before where the chevrons were edged in white. Very striking!

  3. what a gorgeous quilt! I love the colours and that is such a great design

  4. Of course the front of your quilt is gorgeous but I really really like the back! I usually hunt around for a large yardage for my backs but see so many quilter piece a back creatively that I want to try that.

  5. Love it! I really like how you pieced the back too!

  6. Those littel strips of white add so much more to the quilt.