Thursday, November 13, 2014

Throwback Thursday--D and M's Columbine Quilt

This is a new post in a series about quilts I completed before I started blogging. It is my effort to document past quilts with pictures and as many details as I can remember (often not many) about how I constructed them. I'll be posting these indefinitely on Throwback Thursday. 

Today's quilt is one I made for my nephew and his wife, D and M, in celebration of their wedding. They were married in June 2008, but I didn't finish their present (okay, it wasn't even started in June) until August that year. They were living in Colorado and were using blues and greens in their decor, so I decided to make a columbine design. 

I am having a hard time recalling how I made the quilt. I know I had a drawing that I had enlarged at a copy center (I remember the owner being concerned about how the lines would blur as they were enlarged but I told her it didn't matter, and she was baffled by that). I made a master pattern from the copy and drew the sewing lines on it--I still have it.  It's a mess, with lots of letters and numbers that don't make much sense to me now, but I don't think I was doing freezer paper piecing yet at that time. (There are no telltale registration marks) It's made up of a lot of wedge-shaped sections that I likely foundation paper pieced and then joined. Funny how I don't remember.  But I do remember working furiously on the quilt because I felt bad that I hadn't made it in time for the wedding. (A little end-of-the-school-year craziness at my job got in the way.)

Anyway, the pattern for the quilt is 29 1/2 inches square, so I guess that's roughly the size of the finished quilt. It's made with cotton. I'm not sure if the batting is polyester or cotton. It looks a little thick, but maybe that's all the seams. I hand quilted it. 

Here's the back:

I really like pieced flowers and have all kinds of ideas for future quilts like this, but if I made this one again, I'd probably use freezer paper piecing instead, or maybe combine the two types of paper piecing.  

Come back tomorrow, and I'll have a finish to share.

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  1. Janine it is funny how we forget even our own patterns. I do that in a matter of weeks! Your columbine quilt is simply stunning! I love the background fabrics and piecing you did too!